Eric Wolf

Executive Producer and Actor Biography


Eric Wolf is an actor, writer, and executive producer. His most notable role is that of Murdering Mike Renfield in the feature film "A Deadly Legend." Eric was also the Writer and Executive Producer for the film.  


Other acting and producing credits include Executive Producer of the award-winning short film "She Came from the Woods" and as Co-Producer for the feature film "Long Lost." As a character actor, Eric has a proficiency for impressions and improv, resulting in unique characters, which are intense, campy, or comical roles.


Eric is also an experienced and compelling motivational speaker. He was a Keynote Speaker at the Samsung Developers Conference in 2016, which was seen by millions of viewers worldwide.


His alter ego is that of songwriter and singer in the band Ric Mysterie, a jazz/blues band with multiple albums of original music. The band's music videos have over 250,000 views worldwide. He also wrote the song Insane for You heard in "A Deadly Legend."


Before acting and producing, Eric led teams in developing web, mobile and multi-media apps. He credits his in success in film production to his experience in leading large-scale projects throughout his career.